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Complete supply chain integration across the globe

The success of Nasmyth has been built upon our unique ability to provide customer focussed, total precision engineering and metal treatment solutions. Our solutions go beyond high-quality design, development and manufacturing; we offer complete turnkey solutions, continuously improving our supply chain and that of our customers.

Nasmyth competitiveness is driven by the quality and delivery performance of our suppliers. The various improvement programmes throughout the business, including lean manufacturing initiatives and numerous investment programmes, have been fundamental in improving our ability to deliver competitive products that meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Our professional procurement experts can seamlessly integrate with existing customer suppliers to consolidate global demands, maximising buying power. We can combine this advantage with the additional added value of existing externally produced products and components, pressings, fabrications and metal treatments all produced in-house. The resulting ready-to-use multi-part products, kits and finished assemblies are then delivered directly to customer production lines in accordance with their own manufacturing schedules.

Our supply chain managers have a vital role to play in the management of total cost – they are able to see and influence the whole cost base across the business. Supply chain management is responsible for bringing a product to market, utilising all the resources, both internal and external, available and aligning this activity directly with the organisation’s strategies and objectives.

Nasmyth continues to rationalise our global supply base, securing long-term relationships and combining the capabilities of our precision engineering businesses operating across the world. This ensures complimentary products and services can be sourced from within to reduce development and production lead times and maximise operational efficiencies. Couple this with our procurement expertise and technical understanding and we are able to work on behalf of customers to source best-fit engineering solutions at the most competitive whole life costs.

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