Complex Structures & Precision Welding

Complex Fabrications & Assemblies

Complex Fabrications & Assemblies

Nasmyth can produce and assemble highly complex fabrications and critical components containing sheet metal, forgings and castings which have been subjected to a variety of treatments including forming, welding and machining. We have the capability to produce various structures up to 2m in diameter or 1.6m3, usually in aluminium, titanium, steel, nickel or cobalt based alloys.

Any complex fabrications or assemblies are subjected to stringent quality and inspection procedures to ensure they are meeting the high-standard requirements of the group. We also undertake non-destructive testing on all components as part of our comprehensive quality management system.

Nasmyth produces and delivers complex fabrications and assemblies to the world’s most complex markets and rigorous environments including the aero-engine and marine industries. Our parts are also destined for power generation, nuclear and the oil and gas sectors. These highly advanced markets rely on Nasmyth to produce quality components every time. We offer both make to print and design make services to ensure we are fulfilling the needs of each of our customers.

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