Complex Structures & Precision Welding

Fusion Welding

Fusion Welding

As part of our complex structures and precision welding capabilities, Nasmyth Group undertakes comprehensive fusion welding processes for both classified and non-classified parts, utilising the latest plant and equipment. All of our operations are undertaken by certified engineers working in conjunction with a validated data card, ensuring only the highest standard service, expected from Nasmyth, is provided. All classified parts are subject to an in-house x-ray examination, providing our customers with safe and secure products.

Our comprehensive fusion welding processes are completed using a range of metals including aluminium, titanium, steel, nickel and cobalt based alloys. The process available at Nasmyth can consist of manual and automated TIG, plasma and manual MIG or MMA welding capabilities

By utilising our extensive supply chain network, Nasmyth Group can offer electron beam and laser welding, extending our capabilities within precision welding even further.

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