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Water Jet

Water Jet

Nasmyth has a dedicated facility providing water jet cutting of components for close to form and net shape applications. Our dedicated teams also cover finish profiling and we continue to develop these capabilities for use on new applications across the group.

Water jet cutting, available from Nasmyth, can be used to process hard, soft and non-ferrous materials including composites ranging from 0.2mm to approximately 75/100mm. Nasmyth has extended the use of this process to produce a machine-finish on various component surfaces, often to very tight tolerances. Water jet cutting is suitable for engines and aero structure applications as thin materials can be cut without deformation due to the low mechanical forces used.

There are many benefits of water jet cutting including reduced machining costs, improved material utilisation, nesting of components, cutting of hard materials, coating removal and lead-time reduction, offering an outstanding service to the world’s complex markets.

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