Nasmyth Bulwell

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, Nasmyth Bulwell offer cutting-edge technology and bespoke engineering solutions, accompanied by a wealth of knowledge gathered from over 60 years in the industry. Today Nasmyth Bulwell provides high quality, uniquely integrated precision engineering and manufacturing solutions for the global aerospace and allied industries supported by our forward-thinking approach we have developed our global supply chain infrastructure, offering low-cost sourcing solutions worldwide.

Multi-Axis Milling

Nasmyth is a fully comprehensive precision engineering and metal treatment solutions provider for a variety of complex markets. We constantly look to provide the highest value-added service to each of our customers by taking on board additional activities such as higher level assembly, testing and producing kitted products for direct line assembly. We are a class-leading provider of three, four, and five-axis high-speed CNC milling fulfilling a range of multi-axis machining capabilities.

We have the ability to offer the manufacture of components, utilising state-of-the-art machines. With an in-house team of specialists, Nasmyth provides non-destructive testing and treatment capabilities and full turnkey solutions for each of our customers. We consistently deliver fully-machined, inspected and treated components of the highest quality. Nasmyth uses only the best solutions for 3D modelling and operates CATIA and Mastercam, both of which can be provided either offline or at the machine side.

Our CNC milling capabilities cover complex five-axis machining up to 500mm3 using materials including hard and soft metals such as steel, titanium, aluminium, Nimonics and super alloys. Nasmyth’s CAD/CAM programming and reverse engineering capabilities are suitable for the world’s complex markets along with full non-destructive testing and surface treatment solutions.

Turning and Mill Turning

Nasmyth, a world-leading precision engineering and metal treatment solutions provider, offers unrivalled capabilities in the multi-axis machining sectors. We have an impressive plant list of CNC turning centres. Specialist engineers have extensive experience using a range of equipment including Nakamura eight-axis multi-spindle lathes right through to standard turret lathe configurations.

Continuous investment in multi-axis machines enables us to offer precision turning and mill turning and complements the substantial capabilities we have available. We specialise in aerospace hard and soft metals allowing us to offer a full range and size of prismatic machining utilising the expertise within the group.

Solid Machining Solutions

Nasmyth can deliver a range of solid machining solutions using our state-of-the-art multi-axis machining centres. Our solid machine solutions can work from either reverse engineering or from a blank sheet design, while delivering high-end performance from both quality and delivery perspectives.

Nasmyth has specialised teams of designers, who are able to offer advice on the best practice for “design for manufacture”. The core aim of Nasmyth is to encourage continued investment throughout the group by acquiring new equipment and growing our plants. By converting difficult casting and problematic fabricated parts into fully functional industrialised machined components, Nasmyth maintain the ability to offer a diverse solution to solid machining for the worlds complex markets offering a fully automated manufacturing process.

CNC Grinding

Our expertise in precision grinding gives Nasmyth the ability to process machined components with plasma coatings. Engineers specialising in CNC grinding, understand the importance of different surface finish requirements and work closely with each of our customers to ensure only high-performance parts and components are processed to the correct standard. Nasmyth utilises their specialist capabilities to offer cover lapping and honing, dependant on tolerances and surface finish requirements. We provide a specialist team to meet all the CNC grinding needs for each of our customers, offering quality solutions for the world’s complex markets.

Assemblies & Testing

Nasmyth consistently look to provide the highest value-added service for our customers by taking on board any additional activities such as higher level aerostructure, welded, electrical and mechanical assemblies.

Our capabilities include full wet assembly of aerostructure components, including, installation of captive nuts using riveting and bonding techniques, and heat and shrink installation of high-performance bushes and proof load testing, all approved to our many customer accreditations.

Welded assemblies are supported by our fully coded/approved welding approvals. Nasmyth can supply diverse complex components such as fuel pipes, ground support equipment and satellite drill fixtures through to military vehicle and lightweight rotary aircraft products. All parts are tested using our in house non-destructive testing inspection techniques, to assure quality and performance in service.

Nasmyth has extensive electro-mechanical assembly and testing capabilities that have been used to design and manufacture fully featured flight simulator seat installations and flat panel trainer seat systems. We also offer the repair and overhaul of control units including flight column and throttle box assemblies. These involve the manufacture and assembly of complex mechanical systems and includes the procurement and fitting of the additional electrical system components. These are supplied fully tested and can be delivered onsite where the installation and certification can be completed.

The above assembly and testing disciplines, and our complementary manufacturing and treatment capabilities mean that Nasmyth can provide our customers with a real “Full Turnkey Solution” for the manufacture of simple to complex assembled products.

Design & Engineering

A major capability of Nasmyth is our speciality in  design and engineering. As a global leader in the precision engineering markets, Nasmyth has extensive experience using numerous CAD/CAM packages.

Our qualified teams are able to import all styles and types of CAD data, including CATIA, STEP, Parasolids, DXF, Solidworks and STL.

We have a solid in-house team of trained engineers and operatives who can assist in the engineering and the design and manufacture of fixtures. Nasmyth continuously ensures the technology and software we use is state-of-the-art, allowing our engineers to fully capitalise on new and evolving machining strategies. 

Development & Reverse Engineering

Nasmyth's facilities are equipped with the latest CAD and CAM packages, extending our capabilities with an extensive range of compatible data formats. As standard, Nasmyth offers support for CATIA, STEP, Parasolids, DXF, SolidWorks and STL.

Our highly trained team of in-house experts are on hand to offer comprehensive support services. Nasmyth is always available to provide assistance through the entire development and reverse engineering process, from design to manufacturing.

As a leading CAD specialist, we ensure that all our equipment and software are kept up-to-date. We remain at the forefront of the industry by making sure that our engineers are able to capitalise on the latest technology to provide the best service possible to the global market.

Water Jet

Nasmyth has a dedicated facility providing water jet cutting of components for close to form and net shape applications. Our dedicated teams also cover finish profiling and we continue to develop these capabilities for use on new applications across the group.

Water jet cutting, available from Nasmyth, can be used to process hard, soft and non-ferrous materials including composites ranging from 0.2mm to approximately 75/100mm. Nasmyth has extended the use of this process to produce a machine-finish on various component surfaces, often to very tight tolerances. Water jet cutting is suitable for engines and aero structure applications as thin materials can be cut without deformation due to the low mechanical forces used.

There are many benefits of water jet cutting including reduced machining costs, improved material utilisation, nesting of components, cutting of hard materials, coating removal and lead-time reduction, offering an outstanding service to the world’s complex markets.

Best Value Supply Chain

Nasmyth Group has extensive expertise providing best cost solutions through the development of our extended global value supply chain. We are a global sourcing company maintaining a strong partnership with reliable suppliers across India and the Philippines.

As a result, our capabilities have extended to enable Nasmyth to source machined products from 1.6mm diameter through to 1200mm diameter, in addition to sourcing forged rings and castings. Nasmyth Group can work with a variety of batch sizes including one-offs through to volume scheduled enabling us to service a wide variety of customers across a range of complex industries.

Throughout the extended value supply chain, Nasmyth can also offer CAD/CAM and engineering support which ultimately complements our best cost component approach. Alternatively, Nasmyth can deliver a bespoke programming solution without manufacture.

Supply Chain Integration

Nasmyth Group is a high-performance, well-established partner in the supply chain integration sector. We have strong relationships that support our core philosophy to meet the demands of our customers. In order to maintain our excellence in supply chain integration, Nasmyth provides a flexible approach, enabling us to adapt to customers’ changing requirements and manage the supply chain accordingly.

Nasmyth’s products keep a range of specialist equipment working to its full potential while our world-class service ensures our customers’ demands are met. Our supply chain integration capabilities allow us to provide a single order concept for the most complex assemblies and demanding finishing processes. Nasmyth Group’s policy of continuous improvement sees each project appointed to a Customer Project Manager who will oversee and control the supply chain for our customers.

We organise transportation and packaging logistics around the requirements of our customers while using bespoke, reusable packaging throughout the supply chain. This enables our project managers and customers to verify products without tampering with the packages.


Engineering Excellence

Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, Nasmyth Bulwell specialises in the manufacture of precision parts, kits, airframe assemblies and sub-assemblies using the latest CAD/CAM technology to interface with customer design teams.

Excellence in engineering and cutting-edge up to 5-axis technology has positioned Nasmyth Bulwell at the forefront of precision machining, producing quality assured components in steel, aluminium, nimonics and super alloys.  Fine tolerance grinding, water jet cutting, heat treatment, anodising, non-destructive testing, paint and plasma spraying are also undertaken to manufacture complex airframe and finished equipment assemblies.

As part of Nasmyth, the company's market-leading supply chain management solutions enable airframe assemblies, kitted parts and other products to be delivered directly to customers.



We offer only the best service

Our comprehensive Quality Management System has been developed to encompass all Aerospace Industry Standards and Approvals. This ensures all of our products undergo industry leading inspection and testing techniques. Continuous improvement programmes have been introduced across the company, encompassing many industry leading manufacturing methodologies. With our on-going development of our people and processes, we ensure each of our customers has a provider of high-precision products they can trust to be delivered right, first time, every time.


An established specialist engineering company

Nasmyth Bulwell’s reputation rests upon us the high quality of our products. Our Quality Management system ensures we are able to meet and exceed the collective requirements of our approvals. These high standards of operation include:

  • AS9100 Rev D
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2008
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004
  • NADCAP Heat Treatment
  • NADCAP Non-Destructive Testing
  • UKAS - BS/EN ISO17025 Field 3 - Calibration Systems