Nasmyth Bulwell invests in FDM 3D printing technology

Nasmyth Bulwell invests in FDM 3D printing technology Added 13/6/2019

Nasmyth Bulwell has made a significant investment in FDM 3D printing technology.

From its industrious manufacturing facility in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, Nasmyth Bulwell offers bespoke engineering solutions for the global aerospace and allied industries. This latest Fused Deposition Modelling capability will enhance the company’s jig and tooling capabilities, accelerating the design, prototyping and manufacturing processes particularly for complex geometrical structures.

Eddie Jones, Director of Nasmyth Bulwell, commented: “Investing in the expansion of our capacity for additive manufacturing will ensure that we can continue to meet the most challenging demands of our customers and do so at a reduced cost.”

With a wealth of knowledge gained over 60 years, Nasmyth Bulwell specialises in the manufacture of precision parts, kits, airframe assemblies and sub-assemblies using the latest CAD/CAM and 5-axis technologies. Fine tolerance grinding, water jet cutting, heat treatment, anodising, non-destructive testing, paint and plasma spraying are also undertaken and the company has the capabilities to work with steel, aluminium, nimonics and super alloys. 

Nasmyth Bulwell invests in FDM 3D printing technology

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